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I need help with my year-book farewell
i want to write a message that will be funny/quirky and interesting, that at the same time sticks two fingers up lol! So has anyone got any good ideas or phrases etc ??
Supplement from 02/26/2008 10:18pm:
i also need to include 'where i will be in ten years time', and other than lying in a gutter - i ain't too sure! lol

asked in yearbook, speech, farewell

Aiming4777 answers:

I would turn the book upsidedown and write ~

When in this book you look,
When at this book you frown,
Remember the one who spoiled this book,
... by writing upsidedown!

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KentPDG answers:

You might wish to quote Napoleon's famous Farewell Speech to His Grandmother.

Just as they were ready to haul him into exile on St. Elba, the deposed Emperor approached his feeble, shriveled grandmother. He took her gently and lovingly into his arms, and pronounced a farewell benediction that is world-renowned for its eloquence and brevity.

Looking her directly in the eyes, he said "Grandmother ... Grandmother, good-bye".

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haliwell answers:

Just be true to your feelings if you force it, it will feel contrived.

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