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Is any company offering free anytime landline uk calls (no min contract) deals?
Aol gave me free anytime uk landline calls for 6 months (no min contract) and it is about to run out, so I will now get charged £5,99 or something like that for the service.

Is any other company offering something similar?
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Aiming4777 answers:

I have searched far and wide but can’t find any telecoms supplier offering this service free of charge. This list from the comparison Website “Home Phone Choice” shows the rates for each supplier http://www.homephonechoices.co.uk/HT_Calc.asp

There are a few options. Especially if you can accept free calls at evenings and weekends only. BT for example have their option plan 2 which gives this service free for the first year (but you need to contract to them for a year) or their option plan 3 gives free calls all the time. This normally costs £5.95 for a 12 month contract but the first three months are free. This still means you will need to pay the service charge for 9 months. http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumerProducts/displayCategory.do;JSESSI...

TalkTalk also offer a package that gives unlimited evening and weekend calls to any UK landline number, Talk2. This is free for 12 months. I suspect this is the plan you already have though as AOL and TalkTalk are both owned by Carphone Warehouse. They don’t offer free calls anytime.

I think this will be a bit like your credit card question, unless you happen to find a supplier offering free inclusive calls as a special offer, there are none available at this time.

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