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why is pork disliked by certain people
it seems that mostly the asians do not eat pork and even do not feel comfortable using its bi-products. Why?
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ndm20 answers:

A bit of a generalisation there, don't you think?

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Babybio77 answers:

Not that much of a generalisation NDM.

Under the Muslim religion, you are forbidden from eating pork as the pig is classed as a dirty animal. As we know, most Muslims follow their religion to the letter.

Quote from the Quran:

Oh ye people! Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good. If there is any restriction on you from Allah, subhaana wa ta´aala, that is, do not eat the dead animals (Maytatah), avoid the blood and the flesh of swine (pork), and do not eat any such thing on which someone´s else name has been pronounced except the name of Allah, subhaana wa ta´aala. Yet, if someone is in the situation of helplessness and he/she eats any of these things without that he/she has the intention to break the Law or exceeds the limits of necessity, then there is no sin on him/her, Allah, subhaana wa ta´aala, is Oft-Forgiving and Loving? (The Holy Quran, II: 172, 173)

It is also mentioned in the Bible that the meat of the pig should not be eaten as it has a cloven hoof but does not eat grass.

You shall not eat any abominable things And the pig, because it has a cloven hoof but does not chew the cud, you shall regard as unclean. You shall not eat their flesh or even touch their dead carcasses? (Deuteronomy, XIV: 8).

Although, I don't think this one so upheld so much.

Some people who do not eat pork, do so because they do not like the smell of pork when it was cooking. I used to work with someone like this, she could not even cook it as the smell made her physically sick.

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TallScotsGuy answers:

I wonder if the smell put her off because pork flesh is very close in texture and smell to human flesh? Police and firemen that I know have told me that.

The other thing about pigs is that they don't fit in very well with communities in hot places. A lot of the early world of Islam would not have had pigs around for this reason. Very smelly...and they eat virtually anything, Maybe as they knew their enemies at the time, ate pork, that might also have had a bearing on the decision to include it in the Koran.

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escapevelocity answers:

Dislike of pork in religious circumstances has been suggest to arise in the beliefs of people from before the writing of religious texts. In small-scale societies people have rather explicit definitions of what can and what can't be eaten - not based on 'hygine' as such concepts do not exist - but on ideas of significance of animals in relation to humans and each other. For instance, some cultures may ban eating snakes as thy can neitherbe fitted into categories 'worm' or 'lizard'.

With piggies, they are very human-like - so much to the degree that their organs have been used in human transplants. This means that they cannot be 'conceptually' divided from humans with any ease and hencethere have been taboos on eating them

I suggest you read the chapter 'The abominations of leviticus' in Mary Douglas' book 'Purity and Danger'. This gives the full account of what I was suggesting above in terms of the old testament. You will be able to get this book from you local library.

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