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Do you eat canned fruit or vegetables any more,and if you do,which ones do you like ?
With loads of fresh fruit and veg in the shops,and freezers heaving with them at our convenience,are there still fans of the tinned variety out there.

Personally apart from the humble baked bean,and tinned tomatoes,I can`t stand them.
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Topaz2308 answers:

My children eat a lot of canned fruit for breakfast but more for convenience than anything else. They are rather partial to pineapple for breakfast and it is very time consuming to do fresh pineapple in the morning so the canned variety is easier.

The other cans the children use are baked beans, spaghetti, soups and sweetcorn. The sweetcorn is rather strange as they won't eat corn on the cobs or frozen or fresh but will consume tinned like no tomorrow.

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Family.Guy answers:

I don't eat too much fruit and as for veg i only eat pea's and Spuds the spuds i have fresh but the peas are canned.

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spangle18 answers:

They have always been a small part of my general intake. Fresh and frozen fruit/veg is my main source, then juices, then canned and dried fruit.
Mostly eat tinned peaches, mandarins, mixed fruits, pineapples and of course baked beans & tomatoes and mushrooms (sometimes).
Of the tinned fruit, I prefer them in their natural juices.

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tracieboo answers:

Tinned pineapple is about the only tinned fruit i eat, much quicker than trying to cut up a fresh pineapple. The only tinned veg i have is mushy peas!

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englishdanny answers:

Tinned pineapple chunks are great in cheese and ham toasties! I used to put tomato ketchup on them before being introduced to sticking chunks of tinned pineapple in by the Dutch.

Tinned plum tomatoes are also good especially in cooking. This is because they are grown seasonally in natural sunlight and have much more flavour then fresh tomatoes grown under artificial conditions.

The main problem with tinned veg is that they usually have a much higher salt content then fresh stuff (even after adding salt).

The advantage is shelf life. A tin of baked beans is good for 3-4 years.

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Theminxy1 answers:

Again, Pineapple is the only one I use...But only because my son would never forgive me if I stopped making pineapple upsidedown cake. I can't bear the stuff. Fresh for me every time.

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hdtg answers:

No I never use any tinned or frozen vegtables, I dont like them and I think they are not good for the children.

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oddbob86 answers:

I love to use tinned/frozen fruit and veg. Firstly it more convenient to cook with as you dont have to chop up the veg, and frozen veg is fresher because you have all the vitamins stored in the freezing process, and tinned fruit is fantastic especially the tinned pinapple because pinapple is a tricky fruit to prepare.

Frozen and tinned veg is a way of cheeting when cooking, beacause you more or less just take it out the bag and cook it.

Also Frozen/tinned fruit and veg lasts a lot longer than the fresh varity.

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