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A place in the Sun / UpMYAsteroid.com
With the possibility of future habitation on other planets, would you be prepared to be apioneer for the human race and take that giant leap for mankind?
Also, what would be on your list of things that you would be looking out for in a prospective new home, ie good parking?
Humorous answers expected, need I ask.
asked in Place in Space

CGA answers:

A good supply of Pilchards ;-)

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tracieboo answers:

I would want a sea view, the sea of serenity will do! i would also want to make sure that the neighbours were friendly, had more than one eye and didn't eat their young!!!
I swimming pool would be nice, but the water floating away would be a problem so it would have to be an indoor one. Oh and mika likes to pee on grass, so i would need a decent sized garden for her.

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hdtg answers:

A lack of government, a few mod cons such as drinking water and edible flora and fauna and oxygen would be plenty:)

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tecspec answers:

other than near the sea, a part time job for full time pay. Where i would be able to ban anyone who drove in the middle lane and anyone in government who thought that a speed camera would be a good idea would be banished to pioneer an planet of their own.
My husband would never nag our sons - scrap that i'd leave him behind!!

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Russel.West answers:

Well it has long been known men are from Mars and women from Venus - I'd rather fancy a moon within transporter distance of the ladies planet - beam me down Scotty!!!

Oh and why are pubs so rubbish on the moon? - they lack a certain atmosphere!

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