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Apart from sugar based desserts and fruit which foods taste sweet?

asked in foods, sweet, taste

flip77 answers:

Carrots. = )

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Hiheels answers:

Lamb can have a certain sweetness if cooked slowly.

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wumpus answers:

Onions go very sweet if cooked.

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funrunna answers:

Sweet corn, potatoes, honey...

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Arellia answers:

maple syrup, Liquorice, cooked beet, sweet potatoes,

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Redslap answers:

Roasted garlic...

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agentju90 answers:

lobster and crab are very sweet meats. elederflowers are sweet too. try adding them to a salad. you can add other edinle flowers to salad too but i'm not sure how sweet they are. anniseed root is sweet. i often chew and suck on a dried root. it helps clean your teeth too. it's not the same as star annise. this go's like ashes when chewed. anniseed sticks stay in long fibers. i had a foot long stick once and it lasted me over a month. just cut off the soggy part at the end of the day. you may need a saw to do that.

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TheScouseMouse answers:

Butternut squash

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jeannebaxter answers:

Sweetheart cabbage, beetroot, parsnips, golden syrup, molasses.

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