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When a hermaphrodite is registered at birth in the uk today how do they deside what sex they are registered as or is there another box that gets ticked?
I know in the past the parents decided to have the child registered as a male or female but does it still work the same today?
Supplement from 03/24/2008 07:53pm:
My limited understanding of the topic is it is not as simple as genetics as hermaphrodites are not always male or female in the sense of XX or XY... there are different kinds of hermaphrodites

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tecspec answers:

It was always my belief that doctors' made the decision along with the parents. I suppose it also depends on how much like one sex or the other the gentalia is presenting.
One would think these days that a genetic test would be carried out to discover if the child carries the Y chromosone or not.
On the government website for registering births there is nothing specific for registering at birth, but there is something for gender reassignment.

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agentju90 answers:

i'd address them as the gender they prefer to dress as. same for tg, cd, tv, and herms.

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