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Did those who joined in enjoy today's amnesty? Would you like it to be an annual thing?

asked in April 1st, jokes, amnesty

tracieboo answers:

What amnesty?

can i just point out that my last q is not a hoax and hdgt is really having a baby.

Oh and to answer your q, yes, it is nice to have a bit of fun around here :)

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hdtg answers:

yes definately, it has been plesant and amusing, everyone seems to have approached it in the spirit it was intended, an annual letting down of hair wont cause harm and will allow a little laughter:)

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xoloriib answers:

Yes, it would be good to be able to bend the rules once in a while.

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beeper_spryte answers:


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blacksmith81 answers:


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KentPDG answers:

Hmmm -- this was my first April 1 on this site, so I assumed the amnesty was an ordinary procedure. Well, let's keep it up.

My only disappointment is that not enough people took advantage of the day and the freedom. We could have had a great many more jolly postings.

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duffield1 answers:

It was a bit of fun, but I did prefer Phaarpfest '07. I can't see why anyone would have a problem with it, for one day only, but found it most amusing that people complained that not enough notice was given. Do they spend weeks planning their future iQ submissions? I'm certainly not that organised! Lol

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