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How do you give over-dried skin a boost ?
I always drink more water than I need to in a day, and have a regular moisturising regime, but I have been sanding down wood for over a week now. Sawdust is ultra drying, as I learned to my cost when I began carving wood many years ago.

This however is something else. My skin is so dry it's creaking. What I need is a an extra special, spoil-the-skin, make-it-quick remedy. I have to go out this weekend to a strappy-dress type affair. I cetainly wouldn't want to hold hands and dance,with hands that feel as rough and dry as the sandpaper I've been using
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will_it_work answers:

I have terrible bother with dry, cracked skin on my hands, it had been so bad during the winter my hands were bleeding and it was really sore. I bought some cotton moisturising gloves and neutrogena hand cream (unscented) heat the gloves on a radiator if possible, put the cream on your hands then pop the gloves on and go to bed. In the morning you should see a big improvement. Use the gloves as often as possible through the day too.
For all over moisturising I use dove body wash and dove silky skin moisturising lotion....It leaves a subtle sparkle on the skin, perfect for strappy dresses! Boots have an offer on dove products at the mo, most of them are half price.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Buy some atrixo hand cream and when you wash up have the water as hot as you can get it. Rub loads of atrixo in the hands (rather thick layer) don the rubber gloves and hey presto the best deep penetrating moisteriser you will ever have. As for the rest of the body a really good vitamin E cream is essential or a cream with royal jelly in it and do it straight after a shower as the pores of your body will be more reseptive to the cream.

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Redslap answers:

There's a product by Origins called "Make a Difference" and it really does.... both hands and face. It's as close to miraculous as I've found.

It's not cheap (around £30) but one tub has lasted me a whole year, because a little goes a long way. It's based on botanics so should suit your approach.

Origins tend to have concessions within department stores and are pretty damn good about handing out free samples (generally a tiny sample would last around a month). You could always go along and say I've been recommended to try this stuff but I want to trial it at home before I buy it...

Or, you can buy online at http://www.origins.co.uk/

I could rant and rave for days about how much my skin (normally VERY fussy) loves Origins products... the Mushroom stuff rocks, the Youthtopia cream is wonderful, the Ginger collection is so sensual and gorgeous that I feel like a Diva when I'm done... but for your case, right now, Make a Difference is probably your friend.

Hope that helps and hope you enjoy the do!

Supplement from 04/10/2008 04:16pm:

Random possibly helpful thought. If your hands don't respond as well as you'd like to the truckload of moisturisers and potions, long evening gloves would be fine at a 'strappy frock' do, and would make a lovely feature of toned arms and shoulders - which you are bound to have if you've been sanding for a week?!

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beeper_spryte answers:

may sound odd, but scholl do a dry skin cream for feet that sinks in well fast and leaves your skin feeling really smooth.


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tracieboo answers:

Break open a few capsules of vitamin E oil, rub into your hands and put on a pair of cotton gloves (either over night or for at least an hour) great for your face too!

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jeannebaxter answers:

The most effective ingredient in a moisturiser is urea. The very best one I have come across is Eucerin,(5% urea) fairly expensive, but worth every penny.

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