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Our cat Molly keeps overgrooming what can we do?
She is overgrooming her haunches and even pulls out bits of fur. The vet thinks it may be behavourial as she tends to only leave bits of fur outside my oldest sons bedroom door. She is happy enough ohterwise.
Has anyone else come across this with their cats?
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Leohuberh answers:

Yes and it's not hormonal. It is nerves. We had a cat that did the T same thing. She was stressed out just as your cat must be over something in her environment. In our case we had other cats that bothered her. The vet told us to try to give her a "place of her own", so we cleared out the bottom shelf of the linen closet and put a towel in there and then showed it to her. She quickly claimed that as "her spot" and spent quite a bit of time in there. She also stopped the excessive cleaning of her back. Her hair grew back eventually.
Unfortunately, no one quite knows for sure what lies behind this drive. One explanation focuses on normal - but out of control - behavior for the cat. For example, eating fur is a normal activity when a cat catches an animal for dinner. But a cat that eats the fur - and only the fur - of her prey is exhibiting obsessive behavior. Cat obsessions often spring from exposure to stress. Your veterinarian can make a diagnosis and recommend treatment.

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