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has anyone seen the movie " hair" ? what did you think of it?
i've been facinated by the lyrics for quite a while. today i watched the movie and i got into it very emotionaly. the ending had me in floods of tears. are there still live stage plays being performed anywhere in the u.k.?

oh, and in one song they use initials of words all the way thrugh. lsd, jfk, fbi, cia. i know what some mean, but could anyone fill me in on the entire song and what the initials stand for? i know the ones listed above. just found the song name on wiki. amazingly it's called "Initials (L.B.J)" - Tribe.
asked in musicals, music, movies

vultan answers:

Found the film kind of boring, to be honest. Not aware of anyone currently producing it.

The initials in that song are:
LBJ - presumably Lyndon Bains Johnson, the president who succeeded Kennedy and started the Vietnam war.
IRT - Interborough Rapid Transit Company - a New York subway network
USA - you probably know that one
LSD - lysergic acid diethylamde, a popular and illegal psychedelic drug of the late 60s
CIA, FBI - I'd guess you know what these mean too.

Supplement from 04/21/2008 02:49pm:

Although on reflection I probably only found it boring because I was watching it in the hope there would be plenty of nudity and there wasn't (I would have been about 15 at the time). Don't really like the music, though.

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