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1980s film?? help! what was it called?
This film was about an abusive husband who in the end stamped on his wife's head and left her paralyzed. I was sure it was Ray Liotta who starred in it but ive searched all his films and i cant find it.
Does anyone know what film in talking about??
Im going mad trying to find it!!
No its not the lonely lady, i looked at that one. This one comes to a head when she had the cops looking out for her but they arrive to late. he has dragged her from her house out to the street and he jumps on her head.
I thought it was something wild but thats a comedy and this film is anything but a comedy, it made me hate the male actor in it
i looked at raging bull too but thats about boxing or something and its not that one either, maybe im just going mad??
asked in movies

reactivated answers:

try this site, gives a list of his films.


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tecspec answers:

The only film i can think of like this is Sleping with the Enemy with Julia Roberts but it that was released in 1991.

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