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are brains really squishy?
is there a difference in the consistency of brain tissue within an individual brain?
asked in brains, zombie, cordon bleu

Hiheels answers:

No they're actually quite firm.

More slightly squashy than squishy.

Squashy gives a bit when poked, squishy leaves bits on your fingers when poked.

No official source for this, just my own knowledge.

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agentju90 answers:

the royal institute xmas lectures this year made a brain to see how it'd cope with a carcrash. they used a very firm green jelly in the shape of the brain. it was soft but not like mashed potato. it did splat on impact. not a messy splat like an egg, bur more like a baked potato. lumps and clumps.

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jeannebaxter answers:

The texture of the brain is rather like soft blancmange, but is held together in the skull by a number of layers of membrane called the dura, pia and arachnoid.

Between the pia and arachnoid membranes is the subarachnoid space, in which run the blood vessels supplying and draining the brain. Like any organ, the brain is dependent on blood from the heart, and is criss-crossed by a network of large arteries, which divide into progressively smaller branches....


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KentPDG answers:

Ambiguous wording in your question.

Do you mean "really squishy" in the sense of "actually squishy", or "really squishy" in the sense of "excessively squishy"? And for all that, could you provide an operable definition of "squishy"?

Yes, the brain is "squishy" (actually), in the sense of yielding when touched. Brain tissue itself is spongy and rather soft, requiring little pressure to deflect it; but the brain, and Jeanne points out, is encased in membranes that strengthen the overall package, so that it is less yielding (or "squishy") to touch, but certainly is less firm than an object like bone.

Whether the brain is excessively squishy is a matter of opinion. It is not as squishy as a rotten tomato, for example. It is more squishy than a green banana.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to give a precise answer to your question, because it is not a very precise question. If I may comment, this one falls well short of the incisiveness of most questions you have posted.

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