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Where should the apostrophe have gone?
The phrase "Happy Singles Day" may or may not be missing an apostrophe. Should it have one or not? If it should, where should it go?
asked in grammar, apostrophe, apprentice

jeannebaxter answers:

I would say after the last 's' in Singles. Happy Singles' Day.

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duffield1 answers:

Happy Singles' Day.

It is the day belonging to Happy Singles around the country.

Why the heck did they try and phone the editor of the Daily Telegraph to check that.

I'm still ranting about last night's show. I think that they skipped the audition process for The Apprentice this year, and took Big Brother cast-offs instead.

Go Raef.

Supplement from 05/01/2008 11:05am:

Just to add, I am going to report that picture as abuse. I find it deeply offensive.

Supplement from 05/01/2008 11:06am:

However, I do realise that I have offended question mark lovers by omitting it from the end of my question, "Why the heck...?"

I blame it upon my being rhetorical. It's like being dyslexic, only there is no solution.

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KentPDG answers:

I think it's correct without the apostrophe. In this case, "Singles" is a collective noun, so the apostrophe is not needed to show a possessive. We wouldn't write Happy Thanks'giving Day either, for the same reason; the thanks, which are being given, are many in number but singular as a set of thanks.

Alternatively, there is but one St. Valentine or St. Patrick, so it is proper to write, about the day dedicated to each, Happy St. Valentine's Day or Happy St. Patric's Day.

In the US, many people have taken to wishing one another Happy (Whatever) Day, for every holiday or observance in the calendar (plus birthdays, which are not on the calendar) -- with one exception. We still say Merry Christmas, though for political correctness that is being supplanted by Happy Holidays (not Holidays').

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xoloriib answers:

I'd change it to 'Happy being single day' then there wouldn't be any doubt about exactly what was meant.

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Carina480 answers:

I think "Happy Singles' Day" but I have found with titles apostrophes are mostly left out.

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