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Whats the Average time a week you spend watching the Tv ?

asked in Tv, Averages

P-Kasso answers:

Zero hours Zero minutes.

Gave away my TV nine months ago. Sheer bliss!

Now have time to do things that I can actually remember the next day rather than sitting looking at a screen hoping the programmes will get better in the next hour or so. They never did.

Can't imagine being mentally handcuffed to a TV again. Sling it out. That is what windows are for.

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SusiFromGermany answers:

14 hours a week.

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j4xX answers:

1h for Star Trek Voyager! ;))))))
but not every Week. Most time i forgott it! : (

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jeannebaxter answers:

The time it takes me to read the ceefax news headlines is all.

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KentPDG answers:

Less than I used to, since I got involved with LycosIQ. Now, more of my free time is spent staring into a computer screen, instead of a TV set. In fact, our TV viewing has diminished so much that my wife is threatening to cancel our Satellite subscription.

to answer your question directly, less than an hour per day on average.

In my Vermont home, we have three TV sets, including one 50" model, but up there we have neither an antenna nor a satellite or cable subscription. The sets are used only for watching DVDs and videos.

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captain-pilchard answers:

about 4 hours a day, at most.

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imfeduptoo answers:

Selectively, maybe 10 hours a week.

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hdtg answers:

an hour, I watch my name is earl, I dont bother watching anything else as it doesnt interest me. I will make exceptions for some documentarys but generally can find better things to do than worship the little glass god:)

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Topaz2308 answers:

It is on in the background but I don't really pay attention as I'm usually chatting or typing up client files so actually concentrating on watching it per day has to be about an hour.

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ndm20 answers:

Very little, maybe 3-4 hours a week... Unless there's rugby on terrestrial in which case add a little more :-) I have too much other stuff to do and TV's rubbish nowadays anyway - the only good things are comedies and even they aren't anywhere near as good as they used to be!!

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martin.thomas answers:

I don't have a telly - got rid of it years ago.
However, I sometimes catch Sky News at the Tesco near Piccadily Circus, so I probably average about 4 minutes a week.
Of course, when I visit familly and friends I sometimes get to watch a lot more, particularly at Christmass. Maybe 10 to 30 hours a year. I'm sure I could work out what that is per week, but Lycos IQ is full of students of arithmatic who could no doubt do it for me:)

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