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What has Labour done wrong in the past year?
A year ago Labour was still popular -- so what has happened in the meantime to make them fail so miserably in the council elections?
Is Gordon Brown really to be blamed for it all?
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siasl74 answers:

They have continued to govern poorly.

In the last year, the Iraq War has probably helped turn lots of folks against them, and El Gordo is not as charismatic as Tony Bliar was in his heyday. Also, El Gordo came in on a downturn in Labour popularity.

The housing & banking issues probably don't help, either. Tories are known for their low-tax policies, whereas El Gordo has only increased taxes during his tenure as both Chancellor and PM.

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hdtg answers:

In the last year they denied the public the referendum they promised on Europe by pretending it was a different treaty (gave it a new name)
Then THeres the whole nortorn rock debacle
Followed by further gambling with tax payers money in more bank bail outs (sorry bonds which "shouldnt lose money provided the banks are being honest).
Data losses which have exposed millions to risk of fraud.
Misshandling of immigration issues which has create greater problems than have been solved.
The continuing British presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The disgusting treatment of the Chagos Islanders and the waste of millions trying to deny these people their rights.
The whole 10p tax rate (embarrasing to the country and completely against every principle labour has ever touted)
Reclassification of canabis because Mr Brown wants to look like a tough serious leader out in the world tackling crime when all the experts including the police are telling him he is wrong.
INvolvement of Britain in illegal by international treaty practices such as torture and involvement in the USAs extrodinary rendition (again not legal).
Allowing British soil to be used by a foriegn power for the ileagal holding and transport of kidnapped prisoners for torture.
ID cards and a stated desire to dna test toddlers to profile the likelyhood of them becoming criminals.
Prison overcrowding has become so bad they allowed dagerous prisoners to go free claiming they presented little risk, strangly over 400 have reoffended representing more than ten percent within a two month period and one has killed someone.
Councils spying on innocent members of the public, ranging from following their every movement to photographing gaps at the top of wheelie bins.

THats off the top of my head I will pop back this evening to amend as I know there is a great deal more, this is just the very recent stuff.

Supplement from 05/02/2008 02:19pm:

Northorn Rock (sorry for the typos:)

Supplement from 05/02/2008 02:21pm:

Good grief I should have read through that (again sorry for the typos, the phone was ringing and I was trying to be quick:)

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PARRY22 answers:

My hubby (we are retired) had a tax code increase which he was pleased about until he received his small monthly works' pension pay check.
Any relaxation in the tax code was gobbled up by the dropping of the 10p tax.
We didn't bother to vote at all in yesterday's elections for the first time in decades.

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vultan answers:

It's all about perception. Labour have done some bad, bad things in the last year, but not much worse than under Blair whose policies they're just continuing. A lot of the issues mentioned above are obviously of great importance - the 10p tax thing and the loss of vital data especially. To me, the Iraq war is still the major issue and is the reason I won't be voting for Labour in any general election until every single MP who voted for the war has left parliament (this also applies to the tories, of course).

But definitely, the main thing they did wrong was appointing Gordon Brown as leader. The man is perceived as dithering, uincertain and ineffective - hether that's true or niot, he's never going to shift opinion in his favour now. He almost called a general election last autumn - one which he would almost certainly have won and emerged from as a stronger leader with more of a mandate. Instead he bottled it and hasn't recovered since. Now everything he does is ridiculed. If Tony Blair had decided to reclassify cannabis against all advice he'd have faced a few stern op ed pieces in the Guardian, which he'd have shrugged off easily. When Gordon Brown does it everyone roars with laughter and talks about how transparent he is.

He's heading for a fall. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I don't relish the prospect of a Tory government, but, just as in 1997, it's going to be great to see the current lot get a good kicking.

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wumpus answers:

Well, first of all the leader that the population voted for was replaced by somebody who to this day still hasn't been voted on.

Then a lot of stuff which occurred under Tony Blair came to light - lost CDs amongst them.

It's admirable that Gordon Brown does seem to be trying to manage without his spin doctors, but it's a sad fact that it was only those same spin doctors that got Labour elected last time.

Gordon introduced the 10% band, then abandoned it, then promised compensation for all who were worse off without it, then told us compensation was just for a few lucky ones after all. That doesn't fill people with confidence.

People are now starting to realise just how much tax we pay on basic items such as fuel, heating, food, and they have noticed that the services aren't really that much better given the amount they pay.

Then there are Labour ministers continual telling us that inflation is 2%, ergo we need 2% more salary per year to break even. Except that everybody knows that the real cost of living increases by a lot more than 2%, probably nearer 5-7%. A few years of losing a couple of percent per year means that a lot of people are struggling financially.

Then there are the U-turns on cannabis. Get people using it, then tell them they can't have it again. Great policy. Bound to win votes. Not.

Gordon promised an end to "boom and bust" - yet more companies went bust this year than last year.
House prices have boomed, and look likely to bust.
Mortgage rates have certainly boomed, and a mortgage broker went (sort-of) bust because Labour and the BoE wouldn't lend money to them without penalty - something which after yet another U turn they are actually eager to do.

They also promised a referendum on Europe - but once they were elected they decided not to bother after all.

Then there's the continuing war in Iraq and Afghanistan - which were unpopular before they started and have subsequently been found to have been based on a pack of lies.

When Labour came to power, it used to cost me £17 to fill my car with fuel. Now it costs nearer £40. That's the same car! (kit cars are long lived).

Need I go on?

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blacksmith81 answers:

What haven't they FUBAR'd?

I would sum up Labours mistakes in one sentence: They forgot who they're supposed to be working for.

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Theminxy1 answers:

It would almost be quicker to ask what they have done right. I for one can't think of a single thing that they haven't mucked up one way or another.

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