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Has anyone run the Edinburgh Marathon? If so how does the penning work? Do the fastest runners get released from their pens first and then the others or the other way around?
I have given an estimate of my finish time and know that we will be put in pens based upon our time. When I registered I added some 'comfort time'. I'd like to get started sooner rather than later so if the slower runners leave later, then I can update my time and pen place according to my real estimated finish time.
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Aiming4777 answers:

I haven’t run the Edinburgh Marathon, but I’m sure it’s organised the same as the London Marathon. There people are divided into pens, according to their predicted times. The slowest times are at the back. At London, there are three start places each with their own pen systems. For a slow runner, it can be 15-20 minutes after the official start before they set off.

If you think about it, you couldn’t do it the other way round, or the “good” runners would get slowed down overtaking the slower or just GFA runners.

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