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What's that wobby thing on an Apache AH-64 helicopter?
The helicopter has to strange contraptions to each side, roughly in the middle of the fuselage. They're like antennae with a sort of weather vane on the end.
Check out the photo.
I SUSPECT that they're meant to detect air movement, but I'd like to know for sure, and know the exact (technical) name, please.
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beeper_spryte answers:

they're radio antennae, probably UHF on one side, FM or another channel on the other (so says my brother, who knows a bit about theese contraptions). will find out more when dad comes off shift, he'll be able to tell me for sure.


Supplement from 05/05/2008 08:47pm:

right, dad's on the lookout for a schematic, be able to tell you soon. definitely not an FM antennae though, he was able to tell me that much.

back soon!

Supplement from 05/05/2008 08:59pm:

he's going to ask the lads at work tomorrow :P

he's more of a nimrod expert, but he knows who to ask to get the answer you need :)

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blacksmith81 answers:

The particular version of the Apache shown is the AH 64A. The parts to which you refer, could be part of the ECM (Electronic Counter-Measures) system, used for jamming Radar ect.

Another possibility is that these are part of the guidance system for the Hellfire II Missiles, mounted on the inner pylons in the picture. These are Radar guided, unlike the earlier version of the Hellfire, which relied on Laser targeting. Unfortunately these earlier versions, required the helicopter to maintain a line of sight on the target, when it would be vulnerable to Ground fire.

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Leohuberh answers:

AH-64D Models have ADSS (air data sensor system) on both engine -
nacelles. (Old A-models on top of main rotor head). The air data sensor system provides air temperature, and wind speed and direction information to the fire control computer (FCC).

Supplement from 05/08/2008 02:27pm:

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