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James Whale was sacked from Talk Radio for openly telling listeners to vote for Boris Johnson. Is this really abuse of his position as a broadcaster?
The guy is known for being opinionated and outspoken - that's why he was given the job he had. So is it right that he should be sacked for voicing his own political views, given that he voices his views on every other subject under the sun, from immigration and religion to sexuality and crime? Or is it right that certain areas should be tabboo in the media? Should there be some exemption for late-night shows?
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hdtg answers:

I think him voicing his opinion is no different than newspapers taking up political policys and actively promoting one party over another.
He can hardly force people to vote one way or other, I think it speaks volumes about the view his bosses have of his listeners that they feel he could influence them to such a degree.
I dont think anyone expressing a view should be censored, if however he claimed it represented the view of his company I would say that is a different thing.

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mapalfagtv answers:

The difference between this and his previous comments is that the law prevents broadacters from showing bias on political matters.

It may not sound that important if one person asks people to vote in a particular way, but it is a slippery slope. Imagine what would happen if the BBC was allowed to encourage voters to support the ruling party, the next thing could be state propaganda as in Zimbabwe.

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PARRY22 answers:

I think it has to do with the proportional amount of broadcast time allotted to different political parties during prior election time. There could be legal matters involved.

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