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How can you reshape a squashed straw hat?
I had a lovely straw hat last summer, which I found yesterday (after getting sunburn on my head), but it is sadly squashed into a new, random shape that does not suit me.

Is there any way of bending it back into shape so that it retains its old shape? There is a wire rim round the outside edge, which I can straighten out, so the brim is not much of a problem, it is the wonky bit on the top that is now rather lopsided!
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Messerwisser answers:

You could try wetting the material so that is soft an pliable, reshape it and wear the hat till it is dry ;-)

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Redslap answers:

Steaming is the traditional method to reshape hats - as Messerwisser says, it gets it soft and pliable - the steam is necessary to soften rather than soggy the material.

Reshape it to your satisfaction then carefully stuff it with newspapers and let it dry naturally. It may work, it may not - it depends on how bad the damage is.

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jeannebaxter answers:

Press it with a steam iron or teakettle, and reshape it by hand. Clean with a stiff clothes brush or spot-clean with a damp cloth.

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