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What do you think 'bout the wee message that I wrote today?
it's a long time ago that we've heard from each other.
Hopefully everything's allright in Canada? How's the going?
I do very wish that we could meet in June, indeed, but it's so as i told you, I'm out of pocket, unfortunately.
I would appreciate it to hear from you soon.
I'm thinking of you each 'n every day.

Take care, God bless


Is it correct or what is wrong in my mail?
Supplement from 05/08/2008 11:24pm:
And what is about the other version:

It's been a long time since we had contact. Is everything allright in Canada? I wish we could meet in june but -it's like I told you- I'm out of money.

I'm looking forward hearing from you!
I think of you every day!

asked in english, grammar, corrections

tracieboo answers:

Well, I would word it a bit differently...

It's been a while since we have spoken.
I hope everthing is well, how are things?
I really hope that we can meet up in June, but that will depend on my financial situation.
I often think about you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care and God bless x

Supplement from 05/08/2008 10:57pm:

I have just re-arranged what you have put, i might have written it differently myself.

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duffield1 answers:

I'd just pick up on the bit about money, as 'financial situation' sounds a bit formal. If you are talking to a friend, you'd often use slang for money, so might say 'I'm skint!' Or 'I'm broke!' or 'cash is a bit tight!' or even 'I'm a bit strapped for cash.'

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sheps101 answers:

lol who is the scot that taught you the word wee hehe not often I have heard a none scot use it!

Anyway my letter would go something like this

How's things going? I hope all is well in Canada.
It's been so long since we were last in touch and I so much wish that we could meet in June, but unfortunately as I said before I just can not afford it at the moment, but please stay in touch.
I will be thinking of you each 'n every day.

Take care, God bless

The grammar might not be perfect but to me it reads better and is more friendly :)

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