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is it just me or is it just i?
Which is grammatically correct?

Is it just me that found that humorous?
Is it just I that found that humorous?

Thank you!
asked in grammar

Moon-Struck answers:

I disagree with Balendilin and Topaz. Grammatically correct would be:
Is it just I...
as it is a statement in the nominativo, rather than in the accusativo or dativo (me).

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jeannebaxter answers:

I agree with Moon-Struck. 'is' is part of the verb 'to be' which is intransitive.

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KentPDG answers:

If you are using yourself as the object, then "It is (just) me" is correct. If you are using something else as the object, then "It is (just) (only) I who found that humorous".

When a person, such as yourself, is involved you do not say (me or I) that ... The correct structure is (me or I) who ...

The juxtaposition of "that" and "that" in your example is confusing and clumsy, though I must ask your forgiveness for being so direct.

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