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What are the five most popular in the UK? Do any of the members play or spectate at any of them?

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minx_24.nik answers:

Top 5 sports i assume!! ;o) Football is by far the favourite followed by(in no particular order)rugby, Formula One, tennis and possibly golf. There are plenty of others i could mention eg: swimming, running, rowing.....but those 5 are the ones that i think are the most popular :o) Many players watch their team mates/opponents play to find out their strengths and weaknesses and for pleasure as well as the social aspect of it. Some have business interests too.

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Aiming4777 answers:

Since you ask about our participation, I assume you’re asking about participation in sports and not spectator activity. According to the National Statistic Office, the five most popular sports, games or physical activities among adults are:
- walking (46 per cent);
- swimming (35 per cent);
- keep fit/yoga – including aerobics and dance exercise (22 per cent);
- cycling (19 per cent); and
- cue sports - billiards, snooker and pool (17 per cent).


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