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Are there any programmes on tv in the uk about hot rods?

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DragonsDen answers:

I don't think there are any specifically about hot rods, like a televised version of a hot rod show or hot rod magazine. There are a few programmes on TV about Hot Rods but, as far as I know, they are exclusively American. The most serious one is called ‘American Hot Rod’ and follows the workings of Boyd Coddington's workshop as they work on various hot rod projects. The other two that I see are not so straight laced. Monster Garage stars Jesse James (the bike builder) and features a crazy car being built each week to perform a specific function. The vehicles produced are probably scrapped after the shop, they wouldn’t be much use for anything. Another, which is much better, is Overhaulin’ which follows the process as Chip Foose turns a viewers car into a rod or custom car. The viewers are unaware of the work being done and usually think their car has been stolen. I think all of these are on the Discovery channel.

There are quite a few showing the building of custom or hot rod bikes, the most well known being “American Chopper”.

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