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Couple dump IVF Twin Girls due to them being the worng Gender?
Having just read this on the Internet I was horrified that any parents whatever the age could just dump there Children because they are the wrong Gender! How is this possible to just walk away and then ask how long before you can try again!

What would you thoughts be if the child you had tried so hard for was the incorrect gender?

http://news.uk.msn.com/Article.as px?cp-documentid=8404154 copy
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agentju90 answers:

any child is a perfect child. people who dump kids for ANY reason are evil, umless the parents are ill. even then they could have the child adopted.

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funrunna answers:

I can understand different cultural rights and issues that can arise, because of stark differences in beliefs and habits. What I cannot accept, Is flagrantly flaunting the beliefs and unwritten laws of a host land. To achieve an objective!

This case defies rationale to me and I can only hope that the couple concerned, can truely reconcile themselves in this action. For I can see No drive, other than sstatus and or financial gain, as motivation.

Perhaps It is time for the majority opinion to dictate wether those concerned are fit for continuing support under the NHS?

As to the abandoned children... They will grow up because there will be provision for them, but I'd hate to be mum/dad when they're 16+ Which of course highlights another distastfull point.

Overall, There is a distinctly unpleasant taste in my mouth and some of that, is due to knowing, that legislators, so called do-gooders and politicians in general. Will not address this anything like, adequately.

In My Opinion!

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jeannebaxter answers:

At least they were born and will hopefully be adopted, not abandoned to "care". If the mother had asked for a test for the sex of the embryos, they might have been aborted.

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CGA answers:

With all due respect to funrunna, I just cannot get my head round how someone could abandon children in such a callous and unfeeling way, whatever their beliefs & cultural background.
Before I had children I had preferences (which worked out differently) but once they are born they were my children and deserved all my love & care (which they got). My preferences were irrelevant.

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Poindexter answers:

Had I known this technology was available I could now be the proud father of younger versions of Scarlett Johannson and Brad Pitt rather than the Three Stooges.
Food for thought.

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wumpus answers:


People who have IVF are supposed to be desperate to have a child.
And while people do tend to have a preference, it's not acceptable to dump a kid just because it's not what you expect. Kids rarely are - they very rarely turn out to be what you want them to be as they grow up.

As to this particular couple - I hope their identities are revealed to all their friends and relatives, revealing just how shallow and selfish the parents really are.

I hope they are never permitted to try again.
They don't deserve a second chance. What if they get girls again? Unplanned pregnancies are one thing, but planning to have children and then give them away if they're the wrong gender is atrocious.
Kids are not household appliances!

I hope these people never get to adopt or foster children either - these parents can't bond with their own genuine offspring. What chance have other kids got?

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Butterfly786 answers:

They wanted children so badly so had IVF treatment. People out there who cannot have babies even when IVF doesnt work for them would die to have children no matter what gender they are.

To be picky as to the gender they are they obviously dont want children that badly. She carried twins for 9 months how can you just dump them and now they are visiting them in hospital.

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goatcompas answers:


Of course, China has had a 70% male birthrate since roughly 1970. "only children" at that, in a culture which tends to spoil the eldest son anyway. They're about army age now...

Nothing to worry about.

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