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Is Tony Blair for real?
We hear that Tony Blair is going to devote the rest of his life to his faith and uniting the world religions.

After having bombed the life out of many followers of other faiths, has he had a 'Damascus' moment or is he just being disingenuous?
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Butterfly786 answers:

He's just trying to look good after everything he done!!

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siasl74 answers:

He's spinning out PR in the attempt to get a lucrative job

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The faith debate was settled last summer when Tony Blair finally admitted his love for money by converting to the church of Mammon during his visit to Rome!

This was strongly encouraged by his wife, Cherie who had never kept her Mammonism a secret. Despite earning nearly a million pounds a year as a top lawyer she still charges obscene amounts of money to attend charity events or corporate jollies. A retail chain in Australia asked her to attend an opening of a new store and casually asked her to have a look around and take whatever caught her eye! Three van loads later, the poor manager was forced to open the warehouse to compensate for Cherie's voracious appetite for a freebie. free holidays paid for by the notoriously corrupt former Italian premier and media monster, silvio Berlusconi; property wheeling and dealing using highly dubious financing, And last, but not least, the greasy machinations of labour party funding.

Essentially, I think both of them are manic self publicists with a talent for self delusion and greed that borders on psychosis. The labour party came to power in Britain in 1997 by largely abandoning democratic socialist policies and doing things that even the right cringed at such as P.F.I. The money markets and big corporations were given free rein to do as they pleased. Consequently, we ended up with American, liberal capitalism where the corporations don’t pay any tax leaving the tax bill to be picked up by the employees. C.E.O'S and top directors grew obscenely wealthy and everything was given over to private ownership which caused public services to be more expensive and chaotic than if they remained in public control.

We were taken into at least one disastrous conflict that has damaged our standing as a nation abroad and will cost billions. Finally we are left with a centre right political spectrum where you can have a right wing government or a really right wing government. Tony Blair led the labour party to victory by essentially abandoning the labour party! Despite the eye watering greed, incompetence and self delusion; this nation is poised to enter one of the darkest periods of economic history. Tony is full of something and its not faith!

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hdtg answers:

He is a believer in nothing that will not make a profit for him.
He is the most inappropriate person I can think of to take up such a role.

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turnbull557 answers:

Blair and his pal Bush are the same breed of egotystical murderers which have no compassion for other human beings and they should both be tried for the murders of thousands of innocent people in the illegal wars they instigated. Sent to prison and all their assets stripped and passed to the people who's lives have been ruined. And charge Blairs' wife for aiding and abbeting.

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KentPDG answers:

Hmmmm -- what you would rather have Mr. Blair do?

Should he become a used-car salesman? Should he spend his days on a yacht, motoring around the Mediterranean? Should he apply to be a valet for Prince William?

As it happens, I don't think much of our most recent ex-President, Mr. Clinton. But since he left office, he has raised millions of dollars for charitable causes, most notably relief for tsunami victims. I still don't find him a paragon of virtue, and I think he has committed some crimes for which he still has to be called to account, and atone for. But so what? I must still respect and appreciate the good he has done, and that which he may yet accomplish.

I doubt that Mr. Blair is grooming himself as a candidate for sainthood. But if he is going to work to unite the religions of the world, that seems to me a very laudable effort. To the extent that he might succeed, I think the world will become a better place. I see no reason to resent what he is doing, just because we may have disagreed with or deplored what he did before.

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