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why is it important to have care plans
whilst working in a nursing home
asked in caring

Leohuberh answers:

Nursing care plans must always be individualized for each patient’s needs. In a perfect world nurse staffing ratios would allow nurses adequate time to sit at a desk and utilize their expertise to create a complete admission to discharge and home care plan after careful review of patient history, medical records, physical assessment, and applicable nursing diagnosis.
We live in an imperfect world however and nurses do not have adequate time to research each patient’s history and needs and write a comprehensive plan of care from scratch for each patient during their hectic shift. Understaffed nurses try to keep up, but when time is short mistakes happen more easily and some aspects of the nursing care plan may be omitted. Therefore these “stock” care plans, care plan software, and nursing care plan books are useful as reference tools to help ensure potential problems associated with their particular patient are not overlooked during the nursing care planning process. (Updated 6/23/2006)


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