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what is the most disturbing work of fiction you have ever read or seen as a movie?
i have just watched the horror movie "seed", and the first 3 minutes really upset me. the rest of the movie was ok. i also watched third house on the left and found that quite upsetting. i've read all of de sades works and they were disturbing too but not as disturbing as the movies mentioned above despite the content of nearly all of his books.
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jeannebaxter answers:

"The Wicker Man"
The Wicker Man is a classic cult 1973 British film filmed in Scotland, combining thriller, existential horror and musical genres, directed by Robin Hardy ...stomach churning.

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robinsamuels answers:

Savior, a film based on a true story set in the Balkans during the civil war.

I won't spoil the plot, but there a couple of parts that are incredibly moving and the climax of the film will stay with me till I die.

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Russel.West answers:

Soilent Green - it was very disturbing - if you havn't seen it - do not read on!

The plot is set in the future and there is a worldwide food shrtage - they have a Soilent Green day when food chips or buscuits are handed out to the masses - turns out it is not harvested from the lands or seas but is protien made from dead people! yuk!

Supplement from 06/07/2008 11:21pm:

When I worked for the newspapers we in photographic used to get sent execution videos - I once was stupid enough to watch one... I vowed from that point on NEVER to give publicity to terrorists - starving them of the oxygen of publicity I think is the best way to take away their power to affect us all - sadly since then we have had the suicide bombers replace the standard weapons of terror such as the hijacking and kidnaping....

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wumpus answers:


Somebody lent me a copy - actually tried to give me it but I insisted they have it back. Unfortunately they didn't actually warn me just how horrible the contents were.

I'm not normally in favour of censorship, but some movies should simply not have been made, no matter how factual the storyline.

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rainchild answers:

The most disturbing is Once Were Warriors. So disturbing because you can see how real it is. Having said that, it's absolutely brilliant. Shook me to the core, had me sobbing as though I were there in person, and I will never, never forget it.

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goatcompas answers:

The first time I read "Of Mice and Men", when I finished the book I had to go take a long walk to get over it.

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KentPDG answers:

1984, both the Orwell book and the film starring Richard Burton. Chilling prospect of a future world.

Another is Lord of the Flies, again both the book and the film. Shows how quickly morals and ethics can deteriorate, when people are released from normal social controls. Some very grisly images, such as the rotting boar's head (which was the Lord of the Flies), and when Piggy is killed by a rock thrown off of a cliff.

I also agree about Soylent Green and The Wicker Man. Both chilling.

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