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When new people enter a closed group is it usual for the more attractive ones to have the biggest problem being accepted?

Supplement from 06/09/2008 03:04pm:
attractive in the sense of physically attractive.

asked in groups, novices, attractive

hdtg answers:

If the members of that group feel threatened it could be but there are a vast number of other reasons a person will struggle to integrate. All closed groups present barriers to the newcomer

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KentPDG answers:

Not particularly. Attractive people are just that -- attractive. They find other people drawn to them, and they are by definition accepted widely and readily.

If you are limiting your meaning of "attractive" to mean only "physical beauty", then perhaps those who are good looking but have wretched personalities might have difficulties. That's not my interpretation of the word, however.

Attractive people find themselves accepted and liked, whether in a new group or among an established collection of friends.

Supplement from 06/09/2008 03:11pm:

Sometimes, the type you are referring to are called "the beautiful people" -- fancy dress, lots of salon treatments to hair and skin and nails, extensive physical conditioning, and so on. In the main, such people are very shallow, hence uninteresting, and very self-centered, hence boring.

Yes, those "beautiful people" find it hard to be accepted in any new group; or even with any new individual. They contribute little or nothing except ornamentation, and that's not why people congregate in groups.

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