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Who is more skilled : woodcutter, lumberjack, carpenter, cabinetmaker, shipwright or joiner?? Why?

asked in woodworkers, skill, top

siasl74 answers:

each have their own skills - who is to say which is more valuable:

if a lumberjack told me to stand somewhere when he chopped a tree down - I'd do what he said
similarly, there is probably a knack in chopping up logs that makes it a lot easier
the last 4 I'd lump into similar skill sets in terms of fitting lots of wood together - the scale of the build would call in slightly different variants of the skills.

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CGA answers:

It is always considered that cabinet maker is top of the skills league - although that would be very much a matter of argument.

Incidentally, in Germany, there is a separate name for a maker of tables (Tischler) who rate just below a cabinet maker in skill level.

Supplement from 06/10/2008 01:43pm:

As the the why - there seems to be a premium placed on finely crafted or intricate work with an aesthetic appeal.

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jeannebaxter answers:

They all have their own skills, but how can you compare them. Is red a better colour than blue?
As for wood working, a cabinet maker performs more intricate work than a carpenter, but that does not belittle the latter's skills. None of them would have the materials for their crafts without the lumberjack, so they all have their place.

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del79 answers:

i'd have to go with the lumberjack because to echo jeannebaxter they all need the lumberjack for the wood

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KentPDG answers:

No meaningful comparison is possible. In any of these fields, it is possible for one to have very limited skill, or moderate skill, or extraordinary skill. Whatever is a person's vocation, they deserve admiration if they have achieved high skill at that trade.

One remembers the observation that a society must have both highly skilled philosophers and highly skilled plumbers -- else, neither their theories not their pipes will hold water.

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