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Have you ever seen pork flavoured cat food?
I've seen umpteen different kinds of flavours of cat food, beef, lamb, game, chicken, rabbit, etc. Even Kangaroo.
Plus lots of fish flavours.

But I've never seen pork offered anywhere.

Why is this?
Is it available?
asked in cats, catfood, pork

high1971 answers:

there are many out there but most don't say pork they say ham and it is normally with chicken (chicken and ham)

i know most own brands stock this flavour and felix stock this don't know about the other makes

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siasl74 answers:

I've never seen a "pork" branded cat food - but my cats definitely like a bit of ham on occasion. If I get the pack out the fridge, their noses start to twitch a lot and they get all friendly

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