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I know you can opt out of sales calls via the TPS but is there anyway you can opt out of marketing and charity calls?
And why do you have to even when your ex directory? I always thought that meant your number wasnt listed for this sort of thing?
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siasl74 answers:

It isn't - they got your number from either a listing that was made prior to you opting out and them not updating it, or from you missing ticking that little box somewhere.

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Russel.West answers:

Get an answerphone with screening facilities - then simply let your frinds know to call and you'll pick up when you hear their voice...

Supplement from 06/12/2008 11:23pm:

friends - even!

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goth-girl1 answers:

i do not know how you can opt out but i do know a site that allows you to get all details of people that are ex directory

Supplement from 06/15/2008 01:00am:

well not all details but name address that sort of thing

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