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best burrito in San Francisco?

asked in foods

agentju90 answers:


La Taqueria. Consistently rated as one of the best Mission burritos in San Francisco, La Taqueria is known for large portions of meat and rice-less burritos. Carnitas are one of their specialties, along with cantaloupe, tangerine, and strawberry aguas frescas.[15]

El Farolito. Classic Mission taqueria located next to the 24th Street BART station. This "scruffy local institution"[16] is popular with the late night patrons who make their way here after the Mission bars close. Carne asada, vegetarian burritos and quesadillas make up for the "diabolical fluorescent lighting and hideous blue-and-yellow tables".[17]

El Faro ("The Lighthouse"). Sources indicate that the San Francisco Mission "super burrito" style began here on September 26, 1961.[4][14]

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