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If you had to pick a team of contestants comprised of Iqers, famous folks or a mix of the two for an Adventure Game or Crystal maze style challenge, who would you choose and which tasks do you think they would help you with

asked in IQ, bit of fun

Hiheels answers:

You for the logic, Candy for the puzzles, physical would be Spiders and his amazing performing fingers.

Supplement from 06/12/2008 11:01pm:

Oh and John Cusack so I've got something to work on while my team mates are doing their respective things.

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agentju90 answers:

probably beeper, as her ad+d will help her solving puzzles and trap games. unless she's in kender/hobit mode. in that case everyone will get locked in including richard obrien and the production crew.

russel wests brother sounds quite a physical person. or ht as she's very fit and good at clinbing and ballance.

ht probably for the mental too.

idk what other types of games there are or how many in the team.

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Topaz2308 answers:

I would have to take Aiming for the mental as he is level thinking and organised enough to complete a task methodically.

For the physical would be Sheps as she is very slight in stature so would be nimble and quick.

Patrick McGuiness just to keep me busy and something to tame my wandering mind.

Tracieboo as well just for someone to raise team morale well she would bring copious amounts of booze with her to break the ice.

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