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i have just got new kittens and my old cat is not taking too well to them what should i do??
i've just brought new kittens into my house, i can understand that the old cat is a bit wary as our house is her "territory"she was hissing and spitting at them and us yesterday, but today she just follows them about and growls at them when they come near, she did attack me yesterday, but that may have been because i had the cat carrier out.

Well at the moment i've just let them wander about, my older cat hasn't hurt them in anyway just told them off by growling and she just watches them.

should i just leave them to get used to each other?? because i dont really want to get rid of any of them
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funrunna answers:

My own experience is that things will settle down within a few days to about a week. The queen, is unsure and unnerved by the "intruder" and the kitten has no concept of the rules but, this will change as the older cat realises she is still... The boss!

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blacksmith81 answers:

Try feeding the older cat first, this will establish her as the top cat. She will probably be feeling a little insecure at the moment. You will see similar behaviour amongst cats in the wild, the dominant cat always eat from the kill first, followed by subordinates in their rank order.

Her aggressive behaviour towards the newcomers demonstrates, that she is endeavouring to maintain her place in the hierarchy.

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sheps101 answers:

I agree with the above but another approach that I use is that if you want to make yourself boss you feed "your" kittens first keeping big cat back but giving her affection at the same time and then the big cat gets what they leave + her own food. That makes her realise that at least for now the kittens are to be protected and as they get older they will naturally sort out the ranks.

My boss cat (under me and the rest of the family) is only boss until her daughter has kittens than the mother cat is boss and my male cat see thats how it remains. Mother cat get first feed with her kittens then the other adult cats eat.

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