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Are you allergic to nuts? If so what are your symptoms?
I first discovered my allergy to nuts when i was 5 years old. Anaphylactic shock is frightening beyond belief!! Within 2 mins of eating the horrible things my mouth starts to itch intensely and my lips become lumpy followed by the swelling of my throat and tightening of my chest. With a really bad reaction(happened once aged 13)in addition to the symptoms above, i have stomach cramps, cold sweats and i become delirious. However, at the time i was quite aware of what was going on around me but obviously couldnt function very well!!!! With all those symptoms i collapsed but didnt lose consciousness. 2 hours later i was fine apart from an intense "washed out" feeling. As i have got older there have been psychological effects eg: i HATE the sight of nuts(except peanuts as i am not allergic to them!!)and will not even pick up a bag/dish of almonds/brazils etc. The sight of them has been known to reduce me to tears!! Does anyone else react this strongly?
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imfeduptoo answers:

I'm allergic to all nuts, especially walnuts.

I don't have the kind of reaction most people have - instead I feel like I have really bad flu which lasts for around 5 days.

But I don't feel any kind of revulsion when I see them, I absolutely love the look of them and sometimes I put up with feeling ill just to have the pleasure of eating them. (I always regret it!).

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hdtg answers:

I am not but a close family member is, their reaction is life threatening and he doesnt even have to eat them to have an anaphylactic reaction. Just being in the same room is enough. As a result the epipen travels everywhere and having seen the seerity of the reaction evryone who knows him is very careful to ensure that no contact occurs.

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goatcompas answers:

When I developed a peanut sensitivity at age 40, I experienced crushing chest pain and extreme difficulty swallowing as well as shallow breathing. My first thought was that I was having a heart attack. The initial diagnosis was "pleurisy", as the only thing I had eaten that day was apples with peanut butter (Mmmmmm.....) and I "KNEW" I wasn't allergic to either of those. It wasn't until I had a PBJ a few days later that I realized what happened. It took me a couple of years to get to where I didn't want the peanuts anymore and sunflower butter or cashew butter tasted like anything but a pale substitute.

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