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has anyone found a good site for university reputations and student life?
i'm in year 12 and looking at universities specialising in biology and i have no idea what university i should go to based on reputation. im looking for a large city university to the north of the UK. any help/tips/ideas?
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rasputin1309 answers:

Well the first thing to do would be to use UCAS to see which universities do the course you are interested in - then find out what grades you are predicted to get and use that to help inform your target universities. Go and visit the universities you are interested in - talk with students and staff - be aware that old red brick universities generally have a better reputation with employers but that often particularly in your first year you will be taught by other students, (Phd students), at these institutions rather than qualified lecturers/teachers. only you canmake the final decision - you must visit them to get a feel for them.

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