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why do you have to get references before renting a property?
Why do you need to get references before renting a property? is it just to confirm that you are stable & working and have a regular income or is it to see how much money you earn each month?
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robinsamuels answers:

To see if you are able to make the payment. Both from the point of being stable, working and reliable and also that you have enough to pay the rent and eat, pay bills etc. You may be able to afford the rent, but if you had no money left over for any other expense, you would soon stop paying the rent when you got hungry or had the power turned off!

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siasl74 answers:

So that the landlord will have a reasonable assurance that you will pay the rent and not trash the house

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CGA answers:

As above - to understand how reliable a tenant is likely to be. However, the purpose in adding my answer is not just to say 'me too' but to point out that a good landlord, advised by a good agent, will take the reference as one of the items to take into account. The reference on one of my tenants came back indicating there had been a previous problem but the tenant could explain this and has now been a good and reliable tenant for over a year.

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