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Computer woes...
Norton which I uninstalled (or so I thought) some time ago managed to rewrite itself and corrupt a number of programs on my system. I had to (eventually) do a XP repair from disk to get the system up again.
Removed Norton (again) and I am now having problems with auto updates which wont install (or manually) and iternet connection slower than a slow, slow thing if at all.
Also cant install IE7.
I am sure I had to get a patch to fix this issue the last time I tried to uninstall norton but cannot remember what it was, does anyone have any thoughts about whats gone awry and how I can fix it?

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xoloriib answers:

I would suggest that you backup the files you think are essntial but not programmes or settings and wipe the whole lot and reinstall from cd / dvd. Then enable automatic updates before you do anything else. You can still manually update immediately. Then install a good free antivirus like avira. You should obtain IE7 from Microsoft rather than from a third party.

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funrunna answers:

If you have The WindowsXP disk and key. Then the above is the sure fired option H.

Semantic will seel you software which they "guarantee" will remove the "virus" I mean NAV but I'm sure you'll see beyond the comment!!

This might be a free alternative and at least worth a read.


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sheps101 answers:

make sure you have service pack 2 installed, if not the rest will not update. You can find out if you have it in "control panel"- (classic setting) - "add or remove programs" and select " show updates" then it will show there if you have it. If you don't have it down load it on its own manually.

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