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I am getting a new laptop and I'm looking for some advice...
It is an HP 530.
http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/uk /en/sm/WF05a/21675-283229-283229- 283229-1243465... copy
It wouldn't have been my first choice but my current laptop is on it's way out and money is tight. Mr Will's brother got it free and doesn't need it so has given it to us.
It comes with Vista and I have read that it uses a lot of memory, so a memory upgrade would be worthwhile. How do you go about this and what sort of price would it be?
Also, if anyone has any other tips or info about this laptop I would appreciate them.
Thank you.
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Family.Guy answers:

I would but an external hard drive to store things on these range in price from 60 to 200 quid depending on the size

Supplement from 06/26/2008 06:46pm:

Buy *

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P-Kasso answers:

Big files (such as pictures,vidos etc which take a ot of memory) you could save to a Memory Stick (also called a Flash). These would save your memory and only cost £12-ish for 2.5 gigs of storage - from Curry's etc.

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siasl74 answers:

Doesn't look too bad - note you can only upgrade the memory to 2GB (which should be fine).

You'll want to get rid of Norton straight away and install summat like AVG or Avast on it (that don't nag you to pay Symantec at every opportunity)

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wumpus answers:

External storage is always a good buy; I've learned the hard way that you shouldn't rely on the windows boot drive for storing your precious data.


This laptop uses DDR2, at either 533 or 667MHz.
So if you're going to get a memory upgrade, don't hang about too long. DDR3 will replace this fairly soon.

1Gig memory sticks to suit this PC are currently around £11-£16 each. You can go straight to the maximum 2Gb memory for around £32.

Personally, I'd go for a pair of these :

The additional memory sticks are quite easy to insert and remove.
Remove all sources of power : both battery AND mains.

Obtain access to the memory slots; they're probably under a cover on the underside and not too difficult to access.
But I've had at least one where they were hidden underneath the hard drive or processor. You'll need to consult your manual to find out which cover though.

To remove the stick that's already there, press the end clips outwards and the memory stick should flip upwards.

The new sticks go fully into the socket at 45degrees and then press down until the little end clips lock into place.

Don't touch the terminals on the memory sticks, make sure you only hold them by the edges. Ideally, ground yourself to a radiator before handling them at all.

Replace all covers etc.
Reapply power and boot the machine.


Flash/USB pens are only really useful for carrying relatively small amounts of data around with you, or for transferring stuff from machine to machine.

They're handy to have, but if you've got a proper external drive (or even a compatible MP3 player, phone or camera) you can use that for the same purpose.

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