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Watching ET with my son and he wants to know what makes ET ressurect from the dead.
I have one theory, and another one that's a bit more of a stretch, but I'd like to hear yours first
Supplement from 07/04/2008 01:32pm:
Okay, my main theory is that, you know how ET was able to give life to plants and stuff? Well, his whole planet exists on this kind of communal life force, and the reason he's dying is because he's too far away from it. But then the ship comes back closer to earth, and like a mobile phone, he starts to pick up the life signal and he comes back to life.

The second theory is that When ET and Elliot were sharing feelings for so long, some of ET's powers of healing were transferred to Elliot, so when Elliot had this huge outpouring of love and emotion toward ET when he died, Elliot actually tapped into that healing force.

Supplement from 07/04/2008 02:50pm:
One reason for my first theory is that when he lands on earth his tummy is glowing red, but that disappears by the next morning and we don't see the red glow again until he resurrects. Makes me think of a mobile phone signal.

asked in movies

duffield1 answers:

I don't think he really does die - from my memory of the film, he ressurects when his people return to collect him, which suggests that he has an inbuilt mechanism to put his body into some kind of statis if he is separated from them for any prolonged period of time. It may even be that his body could not stand our atmosphere for a prolonged period.

I have to say, though, his home world is a bit weird! I went on the ET ride at Universal quite a few times last year!

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Timdawg answers:

It was LOVE! The love of Elliot brought him back from the brink <sniff>.

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Carina480 answers:

Yes it was love. Simple. Timdawg is right.<sniff>

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agentju90 answers:

the love of elliot who he was trying to protect by pretending to be dead, and the love of his people who were comming to get him. et knew that elliot would feel his pain and fear during all the tests ect. so he cut off the psychic connection in the only way possible. by dieing ir going into suspended animation. the book go's into alot more detail but i can't remember it. kleenex time.

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Family.Guy answers:

God did it, God made his son and he was special so reserected him ET was special so reserected him too.

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