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Why is it so hard to start a job when there are lots to do, but easy when there is only one?

asked in housework, psychology

rainchild answers:

Because you're thinking, "How do I want to spend my time?" Nobody wants to spend the day doing something mundane or tedious. But we'd all like to relax with all our jobs done. So if it's just one job, you're thinking about the fact that very soon the job will be finished and you'll be relaxing. That gives you motivation to just get up and do it. If there are many jobs you know you'll be at it for ages and so you procrastinate.

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CGA answers:

And also it is about having a clear direction. If there is one job you know what you have to do but, if there are many, you can wallow in indecisiveness over which is the most important - finally ducking the issue by doing none.

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