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If you had to rely on radio for your entertainment (no tv,vcr, dvd et c.) how would you do? Have you ever been in such a situation?

Supplement from 07/12/2008 02:27am:
For a month.

asked in radio, entertainment, bygone era

KentPDG answers:

Doesn't this happen all the time when you are driving your car?

That's why we have car radios. Yes, these days those also come with tape players and CD players, but the mere fact that radios are included with virtually every car indicates that quite a few people use and rely on the radio.

So, yes, I have often been in a situation of no TV, no DVD, no movies, and so on. The readio does very well for entertainment, so long as I can find a Public Broadcasting station or a classical music station. Otherwise (and in any case, most often) I rely on my own thoughts for entertainment.

Supplement from 07/12/2008 02:42am:

Oh, you meant in the home for a long period.

The answer is still yes. When I was a kid, TV was a rarity. My family got one of the first TV sets in our part of town, but that didn't happen until I was 14 years old. And of course DVDs and all that other stuff had not yet been invented.

So my brothers and I were forced to rely on radio, not just for a month but for years. We got along just fine. Back then, lots of enjoyable programs on the radio, and we could avoid doing homework for an entire afternoon and evening, listening to our programs.

So, fast-forward to the present. I have several TV sets in my Vermont home, but I long ago gave up the cable TV service, and we have no satellite TV service. We are too far into the mountains to get any reception directly from TV broadcasters.

I do have DVD players and VHS players, and a good collection of disks and tapes. So I do watch them, more or less regularly while I'm up there alone (with Cronus, great companion). I haven't been up there for a solid month anytime, but I have been there for as long as two weeks.

Would I get along, if say all the DVD and VHS players broke down? Sure. I have plenty of other stuff to do. Lots of books, for instance. Innumerable and endless projects, and lots of household tasks. Neighbors and friends to visit, where we eat together and spend evenings in conversation.

I assume your question also includes having no internet connection, because chat rooms and Lycos and so on are a good alternative to TV and DVDs. In Vermont I have a computer, but only a dial-up connection and high telephone rates, so I use the computer very little.

So my answer remains an unequivocal yes. I am far from being dependent on or an addict for electronic entertainments -- radio included. I have a mind, and health, and interests; so I can get along very well without all of that electronic banality.

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CGA answers:

No problem for me. The one development that I have never got the hang of is Breakfast Television. When I am rushing to get out in the morning I can't stop to watch TV - but I can listen. As such, the radio is an old friend to me and I listen to it far more than I watch TV. Most of my news and current affairs comes from the Radio.
The other thing is that I actively avoid watching any soap or long series on the TV because I don't want it to rule my life so there is not much I would miss.

Yes, I probably would notice - but not that much.

Supplement from 07/12/2008 09:28am:

Sorry, to answer your last bit. Whenever I am on vacation I actively avoid all TV, Radio and outside communication. I have been 3 weeks without any contact with the outside world. Four weeks would not be a problem if they gave me that long as paid vacation time.

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rainchild answers:

I have spent much longer periods without tv, video, music, or radio. I'm totally fine as long as I have books. Without even books I'd need to take a lot of walks. I'd probably do some writing.

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moonzero2 answers:

I ditched TV for several months in the 70s. found no real difference at all.
As I spend more time on my computer these days instead of watching the box I probably could go a lot longer without it.

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PARRY22 answers:

Same as Kentpdg, we didn't have a TV until my early teens.

When I was a youngster we used to look forward to each episode of Dan Dare, Dick Barton Special Agent (to name but a few) and became used to having a radio for entertainment in the home alomg side a piano and other musical instruments.

As a young mother I also listened quite a bit to the radio. TV only had a few channels to offer and some of the 'stuff' didn't appeal to me. The Archers (which I believe is still running although I no longer listen to it) and Woman's Hour were two of my favourites.
So, the answer is yes and I enjoyed it.

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wumpus answers:

No TV for a month wouldn't bother me at all.

We only have 2 downstairs tellys - one is permanently showing CBeebies, the other is for the Wumpess and her perishing soaps.

I don't actually watch TV very much, I spend more time on my computer.
With high-class entertainment like this available, who needs to resort to Pop factor, Big Bother, Spotty-thick-youths-going-for-100K-job etc. to keep amused?

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