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Why does a skin form on a rice pudding? Are there any other foods which undergo the same process?

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siasl74 answers:

Pretty much any dairy product based on milk does it - it's fat and coagulated proteins (i.e. clotted cream).

Stirring it as it cools helps prevent it, as does covering it (although I'm not sure why on that one - maybe the proteins use O2 to help coagulate?)

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PARRY22 answers:

If you use the same saucepan to re-boil (thicken) custard as the one used to initially heat the milk, you may get some brown bits in your custard. This is the same process as the skin on rice pudding.The milk has formed a skin on the pan and then transferred to the custard and possibly burnt as well.
(If I use the same pan I always swill it out now in between - I learnt my lesson the hard way)

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