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How much wildlife wanders into your city? What efforts are made to control it?

asked in urban areas, wandering wildlife, controls

goth-girl1 answers:

foxes,pigeons,badgers,voles,mice, rats
as far as i can see not much is being done as they seem to be on the increase

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siasl74 answers:

In most UK urban areas, there are lots of "urbanised wildlife" - the most common being the fox, but the others listed by GG above also. In addition, bats and parakeets are quite common.

I don't think any councils bother doing anything about such wildlife unless they become a health hazard (e.g. rabies, rat infestation in restaurants, ...). What's the point? It's only like King Canute & the tide - mother nature is just taking advantage of all available resources.

Private individuals may take their own measures - my neighbour is currently setting traps for moles, my workplace has rat traps scattered around the grounds, and I'm going to chop a tree down once the nesting birds have departed as I dislike cleaning up bird poo from my car (selfish, I know!).

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blacksmith81 answers:

Urban waterways or bodies of water, will attract Swans, Geese, Ducks and many other species of aquatic birds.

In many towns, it's not unusual to spot Squirrels, both Grey, Red and hybrids of the two.

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