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Waht legal response is required here?
I have recently moved in with a friend in my home town and bought my cat along. I care for my Jess a lot! She has always had love and attention and has never wanted for nothing.

My housemate also has a cat, she is also totally suckered in by what the vet tells her and obviously she pays big time for her gullibility.

Now what she does for her cat with her own money is down to her but apparently her vet has told her that i dont look after my cat properly his assumption is based on the facts that i haven't registered Jess with his notorious chain of veterinary practices,i dont take her in to be dewormed and de flea'd every 3 months, i dont take her in for her injections, i feed her on cat food and biscuits As opposed to the £20 a bag science plan food, funnily enough bought from his practice. It was even commented that iam irresponsible for letting her out without spaying her. Even though she is.

my house mate told other people that i dont look after my cat now based on this Vets opinion.

Iam livid. Anyone else experienced anything like this and what legal response can i bring to this vet?
Supplement from 07/27/2008 04:57am:
Just to point out, she has received critical injections (as recommended by PDSA) not whimsical ones. I dont get her de wormed or de fleaed because she has neither. And i feed her on the food she chooses to eat after 5 years of trail and error! lol as many true cat owners can testify too. = )

Also the same practise (possibly a chain of them in the county town of Buckinghamshire) recommended they put down one of my cats 6 years ago due to a "less then 5% chance of survival due to renal failure". At a cost of £80.

That cat is still alive today and has fathered over 20 kittens.

asked in legal advice, vets, cats

reactivated answers:

None really, unless you want to take the vets to court for unfounded slander. What i would do (i have 3 cats myself.) i take your cat to another vet, have your cat checked out and then ask vet to write a report on your cats health, well being ect. (it be worth the money in end.) If all is well you can show it to your housemate and the Vet who as made these comments (causing you upset ect.) and maybe threathen legal action action for slander. But bear in mind its just your housemate and that vets word against yours.
The trouble with these big chain vets, they are just in it for the money. I go to a local independant vet (have used him for 11 years.) who is great and does not charge me the earth. To be honest i take what he/she says with a pinch of salt, he/she just wants your money hence vet saying what vet did to your h/mate knowing that she is guillable in parting with a lot of money and hopefully encourage you to be his/her customer.
Also if you do get an indpendant report from another vet, might change her mind in using another vet.
hope this helps your query.
What peeves me off, how can the Vet say its not been spayed if it not been spayed.
As for the Science plan. you can get it lot cheaper in Pets at home or other pet shops. All he wants is your money and is using your friend as the go between to get your Custom. Ignore him and her.
Discuss with h/mate that you are happy in using your own vet ect and in a subtle way is to tell her to Butt out. She looks after her own cat, you look after your own. hope this helps.

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funrunna answers:

I'd let the housemate know, that I was considering leagal action re; slander. Against the offending vet. If nothing else, to determine whether your housemate's vet, actually does/did say such things!

I would further support the above with a seriously worded letter of intent. Should there be any further recurrance of unwarranted/implied cruelty.

Supplement from 07/27/2008 06:24pm:

I wouldn't pusseyfoot around either!

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Logicalawyer answers:

The vet is just human, and express his opinion, if i were you i would not worry about it any further, however since the opinion was communicated to your housemate, its your housemate who is causing the problem, and unless you really have something to lose ie character which could cause you economic loss its simply not worthwile in time and money to worry about any further, i would only go as far as to say that any allegations of inproper care are not his concern and also warn your housemate that she should also not be concered since your cat is your property and is of no concern to her.

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