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Do you think that the Stroop effect would be present in individuals who were not fluent readers?why or why not?
it is about the experiment of Stroop effect in psychology context
asked in psychology

siasl74 answers:

It would make for an interesting experiment - I (personally) would expect that a non-fluent reader would have a lot less "Strooping" than a fluent one as their brains have not automated the reading process (assuming it's still in their native language). It may be hard to measure if the subjects reason for not being a fluent reader was because of low IQ, though.

Some interesting reading:

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rainchild answers:

Interestingly, when the colour of the font is different to the colour name being spelled out, I have a hard time saying the colour that the font is, but it's never hard the other way around, reading the word. Is this true for everyone?

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