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Social Drinking Procedures.
When you go out and enjoy some socializing and fine adult beverages, do you already have it in your mind what your cut off limit is or do you wing it and worry about it later? If you do throw caution to the wind, how do you go about getting home?
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high1971 answers:

i always have a limit before i go out depending if i am going to be in the company of ladies or just men
if i am with ladies in the group 2 pint limit if just men 4-5 pints limit
and i leave my car keys at home

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Russel.West answers:

The pain suffered the following hours after a binge for me was always worse than the emotional pain I was seeking to escape - the I discovered Berroca and an antidote to hangovers in the form of 1 pint of milk with an egg in it and a banana with a tablespoon full of honey whizzed into a milkshake along with a large dose of ibuprophen and paracetamol... I thought this was the answer when in fact the answer was to NOT drink in excess but to have a good time instead... it took me over 27 years of research to come to that conclusion!!!

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funrunna answers:

I do tend to wing it a bit... But I carry what I call "get me home from anywhere money"

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P-Kasso answers:

I use two self-control techniques.

The first is not to take too much cash (and no cards) out with me. Sliding a succession of nice crisp twenty pounds into the eager hands of a publican has a sobering effect on me.

If that doesn't work, Plan B comes into play. Always drink standing up, never sitting down. This way, when you fall over, you'll get an advanced warning that you have just exceeded your limit.

As for getting home, I seem to have some inbuilt homing instinct. At least, it has always worked until now.

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oddbob86 answers:

if i go out it depends whether i'm in a drinking mood, my partner likes to drink whereas i'm not the biggest drinker, so i'd say i have a set drinking limit to about 3-4 drinks when i can't be bothered, and i go a bit off the wing when i'm in a drinking mood.

But keep me away from the wine, thats all i can say i wake up not remembering a thing.

getting home if i'm in a drinking mood, i always have my getting home money or i get my partner to pay..

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DIV_2005 answers:

I feel that setting myself a limit just spoils the night, so I don't do it.

As for getting home, not a problem. I worry about it in the morning.

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rainchild answers:

I wing it completely, and take a taxi home. Winging it doesn't mean I'll get drunk for sure, but if I like the drinks and the company, it's highly possible.

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lordhagakure answers:

I fould after nearly 20 years of having no limit, being sectioned and 6 months rehab was what it took to find my way home!!!

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sheps101 answers:

never make plans until I am out, getting home is never a problem, it is arranged as the night goes on.

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Theminxy1 answers:

By and large, I stick to my cut-off point. This may vary from one evening to another, but I always get the same signal that enough is enough... my nose goes numb.

On the rare occasion that I've ignored that warning, I have usually done so to such a degree that I have to walk home, coz the taxi driver doesn't want to know... I wouldn't mind, but thus far, alcohol has never made me throw up, so it's not like I would have made a mess in his cab...Last time 'home' was a mates floor seven miles away.... we were pretty late home.

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