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What is the international dialling code for the UK?

asked in help

siasl74 answers:

44 is the dialling code for the UK

Supplement from 08/04/2008 04:04pm:

also, when dialling the UK, don't forget to drop the leading "0" for the number you are dialling, e.g. if you wanted to call 0208 123 456 from outside the UK, you dial +44 208 123 456

*Usually* on a mobile phone, you can actually dial "+" instead of dialling "0" or "00" for the international lines

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blacksmith81 answers:

To call a UK number from abroad, dial; 00 44. the delete the first 0 from the number you are calling.

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xoloriib answers:

The international dialling code for the UK is 44.
Link for more information

When phone numbers are given international style they have a plus sign (+) at the beginning : you replace that with whatever your international sccess code is : I live in Australia so I have to dial 00 11 then all the numbers after the plus sign.

domestic style
(02) 2345 6789
international style
+612 2345 6789


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cambridgepolyglot answers:

00 44

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