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On the back of T/boo`s question re xmas, would you rather buy new from shops knowing you cant really afford it or would you now start to use charity shops?
I find some charity shops great for little gifts ect.
Now we are in a credit crunch, high fuel prices, food going up ect.
Woudl you be ashamed in buying your loved ones a xmas present from a charity shop or are you to proud to do so and buy new from an expensive shop?
asked in general knowledge, xmaspresenttodear, credit

tracieboo answers:

If i found something suitable i would have no problem buying a present from a charity shop. The problem i have is that the ones near me seem to be very expensive!!

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jimmygyuma answers:

Charity's fine.
1. You've probably put more effort into finding just the right thing, and
2. Your purchase has helped someone out.


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Sapphire10 answers:

If I really could not afford christmas i would certainly shop in a charity shop,I'm affraid that i am not a charity shopper but i would not get in debt for christmas if i did not have the money.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Personally couldn't and wouldn't contemplate shopping in a charity shop for any gifts. I would economize on the amount of things I brought them or alternatively make them things that I know they would appreciate.

Have often made sweets and cakes for people as gifts as they know the amount of time and effort it takes, so this to me is still cutting back but without resorting to secondhand goods.

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will_it_work answers:

I wouldn't buy my loved ones a second hand present unless there was something that they really wanted and it was impossible to get brand new. I do buy the new items that they sell though and have no objections to buying from charity shops, just not second hand presents.
I used to spend more than I could afford but I now start early and pick up bargains. For example, last year I got my Mum one big thing that I knew she really wanted and I then picked up loads of little bits and bobs for her in sales. I got her a bottle of Guess perfume and mango perfume for 50p each from Boots and loads of lippy (she is obsessed!) for 20p each from Boots. I also got her a venetian style carafe and jewellery box for £1 each, also in the Boots sale!
So, for me personally, buying from charity shops is a no as I am a bargain hunter and start early!

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wumpus answers:

I regularly get dragged into charity shops with my other half.

Buying from them doesn't bother me in the slightest - I've had some real bargains.

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Family.Guy answers:

I use the great EBay ! for all my great Christmas idea's.

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Theminxy1 answers:

I have always used charity shops. Not for every gift, but once in a while you come across something that is perfect for it's intended recipient. Not only that, my purchase might help someone out.

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